Dear Mrs. Nadata,

I am now a senior in high school and I just got word that I was accepted into New York Institute of Technology. At this point I would like to thank CAHAL for all it has done for me. They helped me by mainstreaming me in my strong subjects and helping me in my weaker subjects.

The fact that I am very good in math only helped in my career choice. A strong mathematical background will be helpful for an Architectural and Design degree. I have applied my math skills in the woodworking course given in my high school. I have assisted my woodworking instructor with creative projects with wood. I helped the students learn how to use the array of tools necessary to build a successful project on their own.

The success that I see now would not have been possible if I did not get the strong foundation that I needed from the dedicated teachers in CAHAL. I am forever grateful for the care and concern that CAHAL provided me.

With much Hakoras Hatov to all of you,

A Graduating Senior

Our son's experience in CAHAL's Pre1A catapulted him forward academically, socially and behaviorally. He developed so dramatically during that one year, testimony to the skilled experience and commitment of his team at CAHAL. We can trace his current success in a mainstream program to the foundational skills he developed in CAHAL, and we are so grateful.
The B. Family, former CAHAL parents

Tzvi entered CAHAL in second grade struggling academically, socially, and emotionally. As his skills grew, his confidence grew. After a few years, he was mainstreamed for Judaic Studies classes and made the Honor Roll. Thanks to his wonderful Rebbeim and teachers, Tzvi no longer defined himself by his learning difficulties. Thank you CAHAL for offering the safe and warm environment that Tzvi needed in order to succeed. We will forever be grateful.
Dvora and Matthew Turk, former CAHAL parents

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My son is in fifth grade and this is his first year with CAHAL. He is finally feeling good about himself and I owe that to his devoted Rebbe-teacher team. Now that my son feels good about himself, he is finally successful. We have a tremendous hakaras hatov to the teachers and the entire CAHAL team.
Sara Peltz, parent of a CAHAL student

CAHAL has taken my daughter and helped her blossom and excel academically, socially, and emotionally into a beautiful girl. I am extremely grateful for everything CAHAL has done for her, and I’m proud to be a part of this community organization.
Rivkie Jacobs, parent of a CAHAL student

I am extremely thankful that we have CAHAL as a community organization to support us in dealing with the challenges of educating our child. I am tremendously grateful to Mrs. Nadata who opens her heart, and creates an environment for my daughter that cares about her growth in both yiddishkeit and secular studies.
Yoseph Arguera, parent of a CAHAL student

CAHAL has been an amazing school for my son since he started 3 years ago. The morahs and Rabbeim are amazing; they really get to know your child and what he needs. They want to be teaching! Mrs. Nadata is very aware of everything that my son has and is going through. She has called me and had made time to help in ways that she didn't necessarily have to. I am grateful that my son is in CAHAL.
Sarala Sanders, parent of a CAHAL student

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Purchase Tickets for CAHAL'S 30th Anniversary Concert Buy Tickets