TAG and CAHAL Visit the Zoo

What could be better than a day at the zoo with your friends! As the weather has finally started to warm up, TAG took its students for an educational and fun trip to the Queens Zoo to learn more about animals and their habitats. The yeshivas that host CAHAL classes integrate our students for all grade-wide activities including trips, and this was no exception. Mrs. Shani Hildeshaim and Miss Leah Kramer’s students from the TAG 1-2 CAHAL class went on the trip with their classmates in TAG. The girls were able to explore the different natures and preferences of many animals, from Sea Lions to Bears. They were able to notice the similarities of some animals like the Puma, Cheetah, and Lion, and they were introduced to animals they never saw before. A great time was had by all the TAG students including those in the CAHAL class.


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