What will my child gain from attending CAHAL?
CAHAL is an educational program, addressing children’s unique learning styles. CAHAL’s goal is to provide foundation skills and build self confidence to successfully mainstream your child.
Will my son have a Rebbe?
All CAHAL boys classes are taught by dynamic Rebbeim who are experienced Special Education teachers.
Will my child’s teacher understand and address his/her unique needs?
CAHAL teachers are state certified, experienced master teachers, who are passionate about what they do and devoted to every student.
Will my child miss out on learning mainstream curriculum or fall behind in the core subject areas?

All CAHAL classes parallel the mainstream curriculum in both limudei kodesh and limudei chol and follow the common core learning standards.

Will my child have to learn in a large class with many other students and face the risk of slipping through the cracks?

CAHAL classes have a 4 to 1 student to teacher ratio and a maximum of 12 per class, enabling your child to learn in small groups with individualized attention and reach his/her academic potential.

Are all types of children accepted to CAHAL?
CAHAL does not accept all applicants. CAHAL is an exclusive program, accepting students who are appropriate and can succeed in our classes.
Will my child have to travel out of the community to attend a school to meet his/her needs?
All CAHAL classes are located in our community yeshivas, endorsed and supported by their administrations.
Will my child have to attend a separate special ed school?
All CAHAL classes are integrated into local mainstream yeshivas. Your child can attend the same school as his/her siblings, friends and neighbors.
Is CAHAL a for profit program?

CAHAL is a registered 501c3 not for profit organization. All donations are tax deductible.

Will I have to pay high tuition costs to receive the education my child needs?
CAHAL offers financial aid for community families who cannot afford to pay full tuition.
Will I be sending my child to a program that is first developing?

CAHAL has been providing quality education for our students since we were first established in 1992.


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