CAHAL Students Visit Nautilus Residents

The CAHAL Yeshiva of South Shore 6th grade class enjoyed a day of Simcha and Chessed with the residents of the Nautilus Assisted Living Facility in Atlantic Beach. Rabbi Chananya Grinberg, Rabbi David Nagarpowers, Mr. Justin Lepolstat, and Mrs. Elaine Brenner accompanied the boys and helped to create a memorable experience for both the class and residents. The boys had the opportunity to introduce themselves and share their backgrounds. The boys, their Rebbeim and teachers sang songs and danced, spreading simcha to all the men and women who attended the program. The highlight of the event was when the boys were able to connect with the residents in one to one conversations. Many of the residents shared their own stories, and the students listened attentively and asked questions. Afterward, the boys enjoyed a special lunch at Carlos and Gabby’s. The experience was mutually heartfelt and positive for the residents and the boys.


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