CAHAL Challah Baking at BYAM

After learning how Rivka Imainu was chosen as a wife for Yitzchak because of her midah of chessed, and that the miracle of the challah staying fresh for the entire week occurred again when Rivka entered Sarah Imainu’s tent, the 3rd and 4th grade students in the CAHAL class at Bais Yaakov Ateres Miriam decided to turn baking challah into a chessed project. They each kneaded their dough and created two challahs, one to take home and a second challah to give to Achiezer for the cholim and their families at a local hospital.  In the process, Morah Aviva Balsam taught the girls that when you are Mafrish Challah, it is an Eis Ratzon, a special time when Hashem answers our prayers. As their morah recited the bracha, the girls were encouraged to keep in mind someone in need of a refuah or a shidduch, or help with parnassa.  The students had a wonderful time preparing the challah and a sense of being part of our kehillah in caring for those in need.  Special thanks to Rabbi Nosson Neuman and the entire BYAM administration.


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