A Most Unique CAHAL Hagadah Experience

The main mitzvah of Pesach is “vhigatita levincha“, tell your children. Pesach is the ultimate children’s holiday. It is focused on making them feel as though they were present at the Geula. As we all know, dating back to our own school days, elementary school children create their own Hagadah every year. Rabbi Moshe Waxman, has taken this activity to an entirely new level. In the 2nd-3rd grade Yeshiva of South Shore CAHAL class, Yetziat Mitzrayim truly comes alive, as Rabbi Waxman focuses on the mindset of “B’chol dor v’dor”. Through active learning and multi-sensory techniques, the students literally experience our history and identify how Bnai Yisrael felt as each event unfolded. Then they dress up for each scene, portray the appropriate emotions, and Rabbi Waxman invests many hours photo-shopping his students into actual backdrops to complete the pictures. The results adorn their Hagadahs, but that is not all. Divrai Torah are added, important words are highlighted and color-coded, and the children are ready to go. As they present their extraordinary Hagadahs and all that they have learned, they become the most important participants at their family seders.


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