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CAHAL is a yeshiva-based program of smaller classes for children with learning differences from kindergarten through middle school. CAHAL was organized by local rabbis, principals, and community leaders who were concerned with the challenges presented by children who were not succeeding in the mainstream yeshiva class, even with resource room or other academic support.

For over 30 years, CAHAL has supported hundreds of children who have been able to attend the same yeshivas as their siblings and friends, learning the mainstream curriculum, in a professionally staffed, highly individualized program.

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“The success that I see now would not have been possible if I did not get the strong foundation that I needed from the dedicated teachers in CAHAL. I am forever grateful for the care and concern that CAHAL provided me.”

“CAHAL has undertaken to serve the needs of these children with dignity, professionalism and caring. CAHAL means community. CAHAL crosses the lines of all schools. It embraces all hashkafot, world views. It demonstrates what heights can be achieved through unity of effort and intensity of purpose.”

“As a resident of the Five Towns / Far Rockaway community, I have personally experienced the professionalism, dedication and warmth of the CAHAL staff, and have seen their successes first-hand. They deserve your generous support.”