Testimony From a CAHAL Graduate

Dear Mrs. Nadata,

I am now a senior in high school and I just got word that I was accepted into New York Institute of Technology. At this point I would like to thank CAHAL for all it has done for me. They helped me by mainstreaming me in my strong subjects and helping me in my weaker subjects.

The fact that I am very good in math only helped in my career choice. A strong mathematical background will be helpful for an Architectural and Design degree. I have applied my math skills in the woodworking course given in my high school. I have assisted my woodworking instructor with creative projects with wood. I helped the students learn how to use the array of tools necessary to build a successful project on their own.

The success that I see now would not have been possible if I did not get the strong foundation that I needed from the dedicated teachers in CAHAL. I am forever grateful for the care and concern that CAHAL provided me.

With much Hakoras Hatov to all of you,
A Graduating Senior

Most of our children who enter Yeshivot follow the ordinary course of learning and accumulating knowledge. But more students than we care to admit encounter profound difficulties in absorbing that same knowledge that comes naturally and easily to others. Struggle, pain and frustration may lead to the identification of mild to severe learning disabilities in a particular child.

A learning disability is nothing to be ashamed of. It can appear in any family, regardless of the professions practiced by the parents, their economic status or their spiritual states. A student with learning disabilities may be brilliant and have a very high I.Q., yet still experience difficulties in reading, writing, and processing information. But with the proper coaching, with the support of special teachers who understand and have the training, and with small classes, these children can see success. They can achieve, learn and soar.

CAHAL has undertaken to serve the needs of these children with dignity, professionalism and caring. CAHAL means community. CAHAL crosses the lines of all schools. It embraces all hashkafot, world views. It demonstrates what heights can be achieved through unity of effort and intensity of purpose.

CAHAL is every shul, every school, every family. CAHAL is every mother, every father, every child. CAHAL deserves the full support of every individual in the entire community. Can anyone stand idly by while some are excluded from the symphony of a Torah education? In our united commitment, there is strength. May Hashem support us when we unite as a community to do the Avodat Hakodesh of CAHAL.

Rabbi Hershel Billet
Young Israel of Woodmere

CAHAL is an organization with which I am personally very familiar. Jewish lives are in their hands each and every day as they educate children with learning disabilities who may otherwise not have a place in yeshiva. CAHAL operates self-contained special ed classes in the yeshiva building where the children get the chinuch they need and deserve while allowing them to attend the same yeshiva as their friends, neighbors and siblings.

In an outstanding display of unity, 9 schools participate in the CAHAL program.

As a resident of the Five Towns / Far Rockaway community, I have personally experienced the professionalism, dedication and warmth of the CAHAL staff, and have seen their successes first-hand. They deserve your generous support.

Rabbi Pesach Lerner
Executive Vice President, National Council of Young Israel