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CAHAL held its sixth annual fundraising concert on Motzei Shabbos, March 7, 2015, at Lawrence High School. The concert featured some of the outstanding Jewish performers in the world today, Baruch Levine, Dovid Gabay and the new sensation, Simcha Leiner. The always popular Shloime Dachs and the Shloime Dachs Orchestra accompanied the performers. The concert, CAHAL's largest fundraising event of the year, was a sell-out, with nearly 800 people in attendance.

The YSTUDS, an up and coming A-Cappella group from Yeshiva University, opened the show with a guest appearance. The group amazed everyone with their poise, sweet harmony and unique style. The exciting Dovid Gabay followed. His beautiful voice and popular songs set the tone for what was going to be a series of outstanding performances. Richard Altabe, founder and Vice President of CAHAL, spoke about how the program has helped hundreds of Jewish neshamos receive a yeshiva education in self-contained small classes with individualized attention. He proudly proclaimed how CAHAL began, inspired by Dr. Norman Blumenthal and the principals of the founding yeshivas. Mr. Altabe thanked the Directors of the Program, Mrs. Naomi Nadata and Mrs. Alice Feltheimer for their years of dedication to the children, and boasted about how CAHAL has been able to mainstream a large percentage of children from the program back into the yeshiva where their siblings and friends attend.

The sold-out crowd came alive when young sensation, Simcha Leiner, began performing. His amazing range and sweetness of character electrified the audience.  After a 30 minute performance, he was joined by Baruch Levine for a beautiful duet. Levine, with his magnificent voice and enthusiastic personality performed for 30 minutes to tremendous ovations. Shloime Dachs and Simcha Leiner joined Levine on stage for the big finale. The last 3 songs proved to be a beautiful finish to a magical evening of entertainment. The event proved to be a huge success and raised much-needed money for CAHAL’s Scholarship Fund.




CAHAL held a Shavuous Cooking Class by Naomi Nachman, The Aussie Gourmet, on Tuesday night, May 6, 2015 at the home of our teacher Joy Losev. Joy, along with Breezy Beckerman of Breezy's on Central Avenue, Teri Lubin, Aliza Lieberman, and Michal Weinstein chaired the event. Naomi Nachman demonstrated several delicious dairy recipes including a pesto sauce, chocolate martini, salads, and crepes. Over 100 women attended the event. The chairwomen along with Shira Cohen of CAHAL, collected an extraordinary list of Raffles that were sold at the event.

Noach Haller, CAHAL Director of Development, was impressed by the strong turnout. "I was pleasantly surprised when told that the women in attendance were CAHAL parents, dedicated staff and people from the community who came to the event to support CAHAL." Naomi Nachman commented about the impressive crowd. " I could not have imagined that I had to prepare for such a large turnout".  

Shimmie Ehrenreich, CAHAL's Executive Director, thanked the attendees and the individuals who worked so hard to guarantee the success of the event. Naomi Nadata, CAHAL Program Director, spoke about how in the past 23 years, CAHAL has successfully educated hundreds of local children in the yeshivas in the community who were not succeeding in the mainstream classes. CAHAL has been able to mainstream a large percentage of the children back to the classes in the yeshiva where they began. Mrs. Mimi Schreiber, a CAHAL parent, spoke passionately about how CAHAL has changed her daughter's life in less than 2 years in the program. She described how her daughter's self esteem and learning skills have dramatically improved in such a short time. Naomi Nachman then proceeded to dazzle everyone with her cooking demonstration. The event was a huge success and raised money for CAHAL's Scholarship Fund.


A SMART Board for CAHAL Kindergarten at HANC

How do we improve upon the CAHAL kindergarten program that has been successful beyond expectations and has been taught by a highly experienced, outstanding, dedicated, NYS certified special education teacher for over 15 years? Add a new, state-of-the-art Epson/SMART Interactive Board.

Morah Melody Harris gave a science lesson to her kindergarten class at the Hebrew Academy of Nassau County (HANC). The children were totally engrossed as they were taught about the properties of liquids and solids in a hands-on, interactive lesson. They observed that water was clear, but in order to learn more about liquids, Mrs. Harris colored the water blue. They watched as Mrs. Harris asked individual students to pour the blue water into various containers and molds. The students were able to explain why the liquid took on the shape of its containers while the solid objects could not. The class discussed the difference between ice and snow and how they are formed. They learned that while they could freeze water to make ice, only Hashem could make snow. Star-shaped molds filled with water were placed on the window ledge outside of the classroom to experiment if the water would turn to ice by the next morning.

The students were then invited to view their new Epson/SMART Interactive Board, and they watched in amazement as the entire lesson came to life in a video. Incredibly, the children were able to answer all of Mrs. Harris' questions about their lesson during the video.

When asked "which came first, the lesson plan or the video," Mrs. Harris explained that she spends endless hours researching available material for the SMARTBoard in order to create the best and most effective learning experiences for her students. She has already created many interactive games and other activities to enhance the children's learning, and this is just the beginning. She commented that her daughter recently asked her why she had gotten a SMARTBoard in her classroom. After all, her daughter thought that it was meant to make teaching easier for her, but instead, her mother was busy spending unlimited time creating new and exciting lessons. The SMARTBoard was acquired through the efforts of the HANC Administration, Rabbi Yaakov Sadigh, Principal, and Mrs. Barbara Deutsch, Associate Principal, and an anonymous donor.



On Sunday morning, May 17th, CAHAL participated in a community-wide fundraising event called 5K RUN/WALK. It was held at North Woodmere Park. CAHAL had 35 Runners who were able to get many Sponsors and raise money for our Scholarship Fund. Included in the runners, were teachers, office staff, parents of CAHAL students and two of our classes of students. Rabbi Chananya Grinberg's 5-6 grade class at Yeshiva of South Shore ran together as "Team Rabbi G", and Rabbi Dov Langer's 7-8 grade class at Yeshiva Ketana ran as "Team YKLI". Both groupsof boys solicited Sponsorships from their relatives and friends of their families. The event not only raised funds for CAHAL but was a fun-filled morning for all the participants and their supporters.